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Ok, so I’ve been a lil M.I.A working on a few writing projects and finishing up the ebook of course. Very busy, so I’m a tad behind on updating the blog with posts. I hope you guys like this one. So, every now and then you see a hijab that is a flag of a specific country, a lot of Muslims have a strong sense of patriotism and love the country they are from. Or maybe your husband is from  a different country and you want to “represent” him a lil in your wardrobe. These hijabs and abayas will help you to be a patriotic hijabi. Enjoy.

american hijab

Photo Source: Illume Media

Here’s a young hijabi meeting President Obama in her USA hijab :)

australia hijab

Photo Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Several beautiful hijabi’s representing Australia.

france niqabi

Niqabi using the France flag to cover.

German flag

Creative wrapping of the German flag by this hijabi.

britian hijab

Photo Source: Archbishop Cranmer

Britain hijbi shows some love for her country.

Some of us love our country so much, we just wanna go all out. Luckily for you there is Amirah Couture. They have a pretty cool range of abayas that take inspiration from a country’s flag. Don’t worry if you don’t see your country, they also make custom abayas :D

group flag abaya



Syria Abaya

Syria abaya back

Syria Abaya Back

Syria Abaya Front

Palestine PalWave


palestine Abaya

Palestine Abaya Back

Palestine Abaya Back

palestine abaya front

Palestine Abaya Front

palestine abaya

Ummie and Girls Abaya

Palestine Toddler Abaya

Toddler Girls Abaya




yemen abaya


yemen abaya back

Yemen Abaya Back

yemen abaya front

Yemen Abaya Front



libya abaya

Libya Abaya

libya abaya back

Libya Abaya Back

libya abaya front

Libya Abaya Front



uae abaya

 UAE Abaya from RabiaZ


egypt abaya


egypt abaya

Egypt Abaya Back

egypt abaya

Egypt Abaya Front

Ok ladies, that’s it for this post. What do you think? Which abaya is your fav? What country abaya would you love them to create? Please comment below. Also share this post on twitter and Facebook so your friends can enjoy the eye candy as well :D

Salams for now. salams


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  1. Fatimah
    August 5, 2013, 5:41 pm - Reply

    Please create one for country , guinea Conakry . …Red.yellow.green.
    I would love to buy that pleassssse.

  2. Macarena Rojo González
    October 3, 2013, 8:12 pm - Reply


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